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We bring together planning, technology, and great design to make your business stronger. What does that mean? Scroll down and let us show you.



If you're going to make big waves, you have to drive a big boat. Ours cruises with a full range of marketing services from traditional to digital, from brochure design to websites, from copywriting to video.


Your unique identity from discovery, to development, to execution


Show the world what you do and who you are in rich, captivating imagery

Social Media

Create a campaign to stay in constant touch with your followers


Go to market intelligently to truly reach your target market


Business overviews, to music videos and art classes, to drone footage


Platform selection, email design, contact management, and campaign planning


Make your website a business engine with brand, design, and data services


Traditional media management and online advertising

Graphic Design

Get a new logo, other brand graphics, or even technical illustrations


Product/service descriptions, online content, articles, press releases


Brochures, magazines, postcards, banners - you name it!

Data Management

Plan database architecture, get your data clean, and create a management plan



You can have a boat that's really pretty, but if it doesn't float, then it's still a poor design. We see the same thing in marketing all the time. Looks are important, but to be a good design it also needs to help you meet your business goals. That's why we start our process by crafting a business profile and strategy to meet your goals first, and then we proceed to design. We can help you with every step, from research and planning to execution.

Know Your Business Goals

That new website, printed piece, billboard, video, or what-have-you is an investment. Before you invest, get specific about what you hope business goals you hope to accomplish by it.

Determine Your Audience

If you want to catch someone's eyes, you need to know what they are looking for. What is their pain point? What is their pleasure? What do they do for fun? Avoid bland templates. Get specific and cut through the noise.

Craft Your Message

When you give people too much information at once, they simply shut down and stop listening. We all fall into this trap sometimes. Before any design work is even started, carefully craft the message you need it to convey.

Design Your Marketing Pieces

Now that you've done your homework, it's time to execute. Design your brand. Determine what media channels would work best to reach your audience. Create your pieces and implement.

Our Work


Is your business a small sailboat, or a big freighter? Do you want to make your waves impact a specific shore, or are you looking to hit every shore on the Great Lakes? It's good to work with someone who has experience in a business of your size and type. Marketing also takes a lot of different technical skills, from research, to creative design, to software, to database management, to writing code. Through our many years of experience with different businesses and different media, we know how to bring it all together to create the best solutions for what you are  trying to achieve.


We have worked for organizations in industries as wide-ranging as manufacturing, health care, restaurants, and non-profits.

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If you've decided it's time for you to invest in a website, video, brochure, advertising, social media campaign, or other marketing efforts, work with someone who can plan and execute it with a specific return value in mind. To get started, feel free to learn more about us with the links below, or reach out and contact us.


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